Welcome friends! 

We have now officially opened our blog up to the public for view.  Please have patience with us as we work out the kinks that accompany every new endeavor.

Our goal is to post a couple recipes a week with pictures and step-by-step instructions.  As always, we encourage people to comment and give it a try themselves! 

You’ll also notice categories for failure and retry.  We are not going to be shy about the recipes we experiment with that go horribly awry.  What makes it different is that we are going to ask you to take a look and see if you know how to fix it!  Let us know when you’ve made it better and we’ll add you on to guest post the revamped recipe.

Along the way we also hope to have some fun challenges keeping in mind limited budgets and the limited time of two working professionals.

We hope you are going to enjoy reading this blog as much as we’re going to enjoy writing it!

-Rebecca and Nuria