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The first time I ever met Rafael he had me come over for dinner and he made me my favorite childhood food, tostones. Tostones are basically fried plantains, but Rafa’s are so delicious because he has a not-so-secret-technique that he’s allowed me to share today. It involved garlic – Yummmm. Tostones are traditional side dishes served with a regular plate of food in Puerto Rico, Cuba and other Caribbean nations. They’re really not that hard to make and once you do it a couple of time, it’ll be second nature. Also, make sure you buy GREEN, and I mean, GREEN plaintains for tostones. If you buy them yellow or fading out of green, they’ve matured too much and now you should make platanos maduros (a sweeter version of fried plantains).

In this recipe, I am featuring my boyfriend, Rafael, who is going to teach you how to make tostones. Enjoy!

 Tostones (Twice Fried Plaintains)”


  • Two green plantains
  • oil, for frying
  • garlic
  • salt (optional)


1. Peel the plantains removing the thick outer skin without puncturing the plantain inside. Do yourself a favor and DON’T taste the plantain because they are extremely bitter and dry until cooked. Cut each plantain in 1 inch pieces or 1 1/2 inch, then place them in water while you heat the oil on HIGH and chop your garlic.

2. Once your garlic is smashed, put it in a bowl of water (like a cereal bowl), and drian your plantains. The oil is ready, right?

3. Now, fry your plantains just the way they are in the big chunks you cut. Fry them for about 10 minutes, constantly watching and moving.

4. Grab a paper sack (like from Fred Meyer) and set it aside. Remove all of the plantains once they’re golden back into that empty bowl they were previously in. Here goes the actualtostonprocess. Place the hottostonbetween the folder sack and press it (smash it). Immediatley place it in the garlicky water. About three will fit at a time in the garlickly water.

5. Toss them around the garlicky water and then put them back in the screaming hot oil – IT WILL PLATTER ALL OVER THE PLACE BECAUSE YOU’RE PUTTING SOMETHING WET INTO HOT OIL. Be prepared for this.