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Jen (the recipient of the shower) had said to me early on that if I was going to throw a shower she’d like me to know that her favorite cake was from Lamb’s Thriftway and was the banana cake with bavarian cream filling.

I explained to Jen that I was not throwing her a shower, but we were going to do a spa day instead.  Because I am the queen of surprises and after having successfully surprised the mother of my god-sons the week before for her 30th birthday, I figured the mother of my god-daughter (soon to be daughters) should share in the surprise vibe that I was feeling.

However, I started looking for banana cake recipes, but more importantly, how to present it so that it was cute.  (Note: I will be posting the recipe for the banana cake used in this later in the week.)

I stumbled across this new blog Cookies and Cups and saw a post for these adorable spring push-up pop cupcakes.  It struck me that these would be perfect.  I got my hands on some push-up pops and away I went.

They are reusable so that does help with the price tag.

I took apart one of the push-up pops and used that to punch out perfectly shaped rounds from my banana cake.

Once I had a round in the bottom, I used a pastry bag and squirted a layer of bavarian cream.  I then inserted another round and finally topped it off with another layer of cream.

I am sorry I won’t have the bavarian cream recipe for you, here’s a link to the one I used from the Food Network, but it really is a bunch of steps with pretty precise timing so I didn’t have the hands to take pictures while I was doing it.  I REALLY, STRONGLY advise you NOT to take the shortcut a lot of sites tell you to with cream cheese and pudding.  Not only does it sound gross but the bavarian cream is so worth it when you make it from scratch and really just requires attention to detail and making sure you’re prepared with everything you need before you begin.

I have to thank my friend Kortnie who helped me put them together; 4 hands were definitely better than 2 here since I had such a timeline to make.  She helped put the cake rounds in, was my official taste tester and held the pops for me to make it pretty on top.  You can also anchor them like I did in the containers I was serving them in which had those clear marble things in them to hold them upright.  She also helped me make them pretty and deliver them.  Thanks love!

Anyway, once I had the push-up pops filled, i put them in these adorable little buckets I found from the dollar store, and put marbles and little candies in them so that they looked like little bouquets.

They were a HUGE hit and Jen said they were just perfect. The surprise went off without a hitch and I have now crowned myself the queen of surprises.  Here’s Jen enjoying her treat!