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Hello everyone!  A new week has begun and with it comes some dreary weather. 

We were lucky this weekend as the rain held off, leaving us with partly overcast skies and mild temperatures.  Perfect for a trip to a farmers market!

I had my nephew on Saturday, and a dr. appointment in Lake Oswego, so I decided to take him to check out the market.  He was so excited he slept right through it and missed all the fun stuff I wanted to show him.  I forgave him because he is too cute to stay mad at.  Especially when he snuggles you all afternoon to make up for it.

One of the things I realized going through this tiny market is that it really does matter what farmers market you go to.

If you don’t know Oregon at all, Lake Oswego is one of the wealthier areas outside Portland, and the area they hold their farmers market is a recent upgrade from what used to be here back when I was in high school.

It is a small market with fewer options than others and has slightly higher prices for the same stuff.

I definitely had a hard time finding produce that sparked my interest and was a decent price.  The first thing that caught my eye were some leeks. 

Followed by some fancy looking asparagus, already bundled for you.

I tried some strawberries but they tasted pretty awful (for strawberries) and at the price they were set it just wasn’t worth it.  I did get another thing of my favorite havarti cheese.

I was hungry but I didn’t want to maneuver the baby carriage through the throngs in the eating area.  Just one more reason a smaller farmers market can be less inviting than a bigger one. 

I still think farmers markets are excellent places, no matter the size, and i’m excited for the tiny city ones to open at Pioneer Square and at the World Trade Center where I work later in June.  They are perfect to run down for lunch and grab some goodies.  But for a real shopping trip on a weekend, I would rather stick to bigger markets. 

In the end, it’s definitely going to be fun to explore more markets as the summer continues and figure out which ones are going to be staples for my produce needs.