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What better to accompany a fresh and simple soup than some cheesy, slightly spicy corn muffins?

I had been dying to try this combination for a while and I have only one thing to say on the subject…

Turns out i’m not a big fan of corn muffins.  I like the cheddar and chile combination just fine, and even have some ideas of other areas to combine them.  But really I can’t get behind corn muffins.

Maybe it was the wrong recipe, but really i’ve tried them several times in my life and I just can never seem to get past the dry, crumb-y texture.

Next time i’ll try a cornbread.  I do like a nice fluffy cornbread.  With butter and honey.  Yum.

What’s the difference?  I’m not sure I know.  Maybe because the muffins are small I overbake them, or maybe they are meant to be drier.  Whatever it is, I probably won’t repeat this recipe ever again. 

That’s not to say the muffins weren’t good.  Served hot out of the oven with some butter they were yummy, the roommates liked them just fine. 

Although Mary bit into a jalapeno seed I think; she claimed they were just too spicy for her.  Watching her struggle with the heat was funny.  I’m mean like that.  But then she ate the rest of the muffin so I didn’t feel so badly for finding her pain amusing.

I was going to give you the recipe anyway, but let’s face it: it’s not worth it this time.  Until next time maybe try one of these recipes from some trusted sources: Ina Garten or Brown Eyed Baker.