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I had the BEST find at the farmer’s market this weekend!

I took my nephew and we went to the Cedar Hills Market in the parking lot of Safeway off Murray and Cornell (if you know the area).  It was small but really fun.  It had a good vibe to it, and while there wasn’t the selection there was at Beaverton, it held some excellent produce.

The lettuce is perfect this time of year, and I love nothing more than a good head of butter lettuce.

It is green and looks like a flower and tastes buttery and soft.

The strawberries are just starting to come out, the “hoodies” (as my mom calls them) are starting to come into their own, so I got a serving to snack on.

Finally, I found these. 

Patty pan squash.  They look like flowers but are actually a squash very similar to zucchini!

I am so excited to play with these; maybe stuff them with cheese and quinoa.  Oh, I love new produce!