Our mission: to create an ‘open-doors’ blog for people to share their ideas, recipes, tips, tricks and techniques for all things food, beverage and life.  We share a passion, like many others, for the exotic and fine ingredients as well as for our local foods and produce. We strive to make our recipes organic, all-natural and healthy when possible.

Our Story:

In late August 2011, two food-lovers met while working in the same legal department. One week, food-lover 1 brought a delicious home cooked meal for food-lover 2 to try. The next week, food-lover 2 decided to return the favor. This went on and on for several months. They swapped recipes, planned meals and used each other as food guinea pigs. The they wanted delicious and nutritious home-cooked meals to eat at work instead of resorting to the fast-paced, saturated fat laden food that normally feeds the 9-5 crowd. In February of 2012, they decided to start a blog to share their ideas about food, healthy living and personal lives with others. Thus, Law & Butter.

I hope you enjoy reading about our trial and errors in the kitchen, and hopefully taking us up on some of the fun challenges we’ll post.  For every failure that we encounter we want you to try to make it better, then let us know what you did (and trust me, we’ve got a lot of cooking failures).

So join us in the kitchen and let’s have some fun!

About Rebecca:

From an early age I used to love helping my mom in the kitchen.  A lot of family recipes were without any written instructions, and so by helping her I was able to learn the secret to her delicious food, including her brisket and latkes.  By the time I went to law school I was using my kitchen as an outlet to relieve some of the academic pressure.  I would have flour all over my cooking shirt with my hands elbow-deep in dough and feel release.

My friends have been after me for years to make baking a bigger priority, even a career change.  But I love the law and turning something that’s a wonderful stress-relief for me into something that is now my job doesn’t seem appealing.  So I decided this would be a good middle ground.

My goal is to basically showcase my food talents (of which there are few) and my fun recipes (of which there are many).  I am trying these days to focus more on eating naturally, and not giving in to the ease and comfort of more highly processed foods.  Will I use white flour?  Sure.  Will I use sugar and butter?  Of course.  Will I use them in everything I do?  No.  Moderation is key as they say.

What else do I do?  Well, I play soccer and I travel.  So don’t be surprised to see posts from the road all about what I’m eating in whatever country I happen to be in.

About Nuria:

Before I was using complete sentences, I was kneading dough as my mom sat me on the countertop of our kitchen while she prepared my sister and I a delicious dinner while recounting our family’s oral history. At Yaya’s (that’s Catalan for grandma) house, Yaya would bring me a taburete (or stool) and would give me a play knife to chop veggies. By the time Cristi, my sister, and I were old enough to turn knobs in the kitchen we were cooking while my mom worked full-time.  When she’d get home, we would have made dinner. My mom still says we would give her an “ataque cadríaco” knowing we had been using the stove and oven while she had been at work.

You see, I have two lines of blood in my body: Spanish and Puerto Rican. Both cultures highly value cooking and entertaining. In both cultures, the kitchen is where families gather to savor food and wine over conversation and debates over politics, religion and family issues. These heated conversations were full of passion and love, as our stomachs were full of tapas  like tortilla de patata, olivas, pan tumaca, and croquetas. The way I was raised, cooking wasn’t just to make sure there was food to eat, but rather to make people happy as you watched them enjoy every bite, and mostly, it brought our family together every weekend.

My inquisitive nature would have me constantly in the shadow of my mother asking her, “What’s the next step? How much of that do you use? How long do you want that in the oven? Teach me how to flip the tortilla de patata.” One day I hope that I can provide my own children with the same passion and love for all things culinaria as my mother provided me and I could tell my children like she told me once, “We cook from our hearts to feed our souls.”

In my spare time, I love watching movies, eating, gardening, spending time with my boyfriend, traveling and reading those books you just can’t put down! I’ll be traveling to Spain in May of 2012 and will have many, many new ideas to share when I get back.


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. I love tortilla de patata! my grandma made it for us all the time (the one from Spain)…that just made my day reading about you guys making it too =). Happy memories with happy food!

  2. Congratulations ladies! This is an amazing project you two have started. I wish you all the luck and look forward to following your recipes. Soooo many I do not know where to start.

  3. I have the privilege of working with these two amazing ladies. Not only are they creative in the kitchen, but creative in the way they approach their daily work. I congratulate you both on a great web site and I have all intentions of trying out some of these dishes. I love your presentations, and the pictures of ingredients that go into the dish. BRAVO!

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