The Menagerie

In Rebecca’s house, there is danger lurking around every corner.  The danger of stepping on a tail or on a paw.  The danger of a coup d’etat if you make the mistake of opening a can of tuna.  Or the danger of a sneak attack on your plate if you fail to pay attention.  Take your eyes off them for a second, and you’ll regret it.

My cast of characters:

Remy: the mastermind

The Mastermind

Don't let the innocent face fool you

Fat Cat: the accomplice

The apprentice

Sneaky cookie thief

While the Fat Cat distracts you with purring and cuddles and keeps you diligently watching your plate, Remy manages his mischief.

Not only have these brothers purrfected their technique, they have now brought the rest of the animals into the act.

Bella: the face

Don't hate me because i'm beautiful

I will distract you with my pretty face and baby blues

These cats know how to use that innocent ‘don’t look at me i’m sleeping on your bed’ look to cast suspicion elsewhere.  Those eyes say: “the dog did it”.

We're sleeping

We are innocent I tell you; innocent!

Mocha: the scape goat

What?  I'm just a dog.

It wasn't me

We tend to feel sorry for Mocha, especially because his mom dresses him in silly outfits for her own amusement.

Make her stop!

Somebody help me

While we know the cats have a hidden agenda, and Mocha just goes along so Remy doesn’t plan an “accident”, no one knows what Soup the turtle adds to the equation.  Is he a criminal mastermind the likes of which have not been seen before?  Or is he a reptile with no discernible agenda?  We will just have to wait and see…

Soup: the creature of mystery

Why is everyone here?

I have no idea what you're talking about

Meanwhile, we see Nuria over in her place with only one lovable beast who has no need to pull such clever tactics.  She already has her mom making her dinner every night.



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